First NameStianLast NameWALGERMO
NationalityNOR Place of BirthNOR
Date of Birth12 Aug 1988Age31
GendermaleAthlete IDNOR1988M4
Height99cm (3ft 3in)Weight100.0kg (220lb)
Registered06 May 2009Sportspowerlifting


08 Jun 2010powerlifting (IPF)European Champs jnr100kg total3852.5kg(99.5kg)Hamar NOR

PERSONAL BESTS  (show progression)

powerlifting100kg squat335.0kg08 Jun 201021European Champs jnrHamar NOR
powerlifting100kg bench215.5kg13 Nov 200921National Champs jnrAlta NOR
powerlifting100kg deadlift302.5kg08 Jun 201021European Champs jnrHamar NOR
powerlifting100kg total852.5kg08 Jun 201021European Champs jnrHamar NOR

RESULTS  (hide detail)

08 Jun 2010powerlifting (IPF)European Champs jnr100kg total3852.5kg(99.5kg)Hamar NOR
100kg squat335.0kg
100kg bench215.0kg
100kg deadlift302.5kg
13 Nov 2009powerlifting (IPF)Sj?holtNational Champs jnr100kg total1828.0kg(99.6kg)Alta NOR
100kg squat325.0kg
100kg bench215.5kg
100kg deadlift287.5kg
07 Sep 2009powerlifting (IPF)World Champs jnr100kg total5820.0kg(99.7kg)Ribeirao Preto BRA
100kg squat322.5kg
100kg bench207.5kg
100kg deadlift290.0kg
10 Jun 2009powerlifting (IPF)European Champs jnr100kg total6800.0kg(99.4kg)J?nk?bing SWE
100kg squat315.0kg
100kg bench195.0kg
100kg deadlift290.0kg
25 Apr 2009powerlifting (IPF)Nordic Champs jnr100kg total1792.5kg(99.3kg)Bjerringbro DEN
100kg squat317.5kg
100kg bench195.0kg
100kg deadlift280.0kg
21 Feb 2009powerlifting (IPF)Sj?holtmid-Norwegian championship jnr100kg total1816.0kg(99.0kg)Fr?na NOR
100kg squat315.0kg
100kg bench211.0kg
100kg deadlift290.0kg
15 Nov 2008powerlifting (IPF)Sj?holtNational Champs jnr100kg total1780.0kg(98.7kg)Stavanger NOR
100kg squat300.0kg
100kg bench195.0kg
100kg deadlift285.0kg
03 May 2008powerlifting (IPF)Nordic Champs jnr100kg total3735.0kg(98.9kg)Brumunddal NOR
100kg squat280.0kg
100kg bench200.0kg
100kg deadlift255.0kg
10 Feb 2007powerlifting (IPF)Sj?holtopen meet (Debut) jnr100kg total-615.0kg(97.4kg)Fr?na NOR
100kg squat220.0kg
100kg bench165.0kg
100kg deadlift230.0kg
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